Episode 108 “Power to the People”

November 16, 2017

This special two-part episode of WONDERLAND begins with co-host T​racy Van Slyke​ talking with fan community leader S​hawn Taylor​ about the future of people-powered storytelling, diving deep into the ways pop culture fandoms are generating new content, pushing the pop storytelling industries into the next generation, and they imagine what it would take to intentionally bring fan communities and social movements together as part of a culture change movement.

In Part Two, Black Lives Matter co-founder ​Alicia Garza​ joins Hollywood fan community designer K​enyatta Cheese to discuss how technology, digital strategy and offline immersions can shape the way entertainment audiences and social movements experience  community, and they offer insights on what binds powerful, networked communities together.


Shawn Taylor, Co-Founder of The Nerds of Color, Writer, Teacher;

Tracy Van Slyke, Strategy Director for Pop Culture Collaborative, Writer;

Alicia Garza, Special Projects Director for The National Domestic Workers Alliance, Co-Founder of the Black Lives Matter Network;

Kenyatta Cheese, CEO and Co-Founder of Everybody at Once, Co-creator of Know Your Meme